Clint Eastwood

"I was one of the people who took the hero further away from the white hat. In A Fistful of Dollars, you
"I was one of the people who took the hero further away from the white hat. In A Fistful of Dollars, you didn't know who was the hero till a quarter of the way through the film, and then you weren't sure; you figured he was the protagonist, but only because everybody else was crappier than he was. I like the way heroes are now. I like them with strengths, weaknesses, lack of virtue." Clint EastwoodHaving starred in 44 films and directed 27, Clint Eastwood is a living legend. This book traces the evolution of his star persona from the mysterious gunslingers he played in such Westerns as the Dollars trilogy, High Plains Drifter, Pale Rider, and Unforgiven, to the rogue cops and other troubled macho heroes he brought to life in the Dirty Harry films, The Gauntlet, Tightrope, Heartbreak Ridge, and In the Line of Fire. Along the way, Eastwood has also surprised his fans by taking uncharacteristic roles in comedies (Every Which Way But Loose), adventure films (White Hunter, Black Heart), and romantic movies (The Bridges of Madison County). In addition, no book on Eastwood would be complete without a look at some of the most acclaimed films he has directed, including Bird, Mystic River, Million Dollar Baby, and Flags of Our Fathers.
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ISBN / EAN 9783822820049
Publication date 2008-12-01 00:00:00
Auteur Paul Duncan
Editeur Taschen
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